Benefits of Membership

Why join the Curling Club?

Curling provides a place to socialize, exercise and have fun from mid October to mid March. Curl BC provides our registered curlers with injury insurance while they are in the club, curling or otherwise.

If you like to volunteer, you can have many opportunities to do so, from helping in the kitchen, learning to tend bar, decorating, organizing an event, building maintenance…the list goes on! If you are new to town, there isn’t a better way to get to know more people in the community! Our club has a cozy and updated lounge where you can just relax, rehash that shot you missed, or celebrate the great take out you made.

New Member Fees

When you join you only pay a one time member fee of $130 and can choose any league that first year or partial year to play for 50% off regular league fees, with a second league at 20% off of league fees. After the first year, you only pay league fees as per the league schedule.

Learn To Curl

Never curled or haven’t curled in many years? No problem! Our trained coaches will take you under their wings and get you started. If you are reading this in the summer and would like to ease yourself into the sport, we offer a more focused Adult Try Curling Program on Mondays from 5:00pm to 6:30 pm from mid October to mid December. Go to Leagues for details!

Stick Curling

For those who choose not to throw their rocks “out of the hack”, one can use a stick to deliver their rocks while standing up. There is a game specifically for the Stick Curler, and this game and style of curling is much easier on the knees!

Stick Curling is played with teams of 2 persons (instead of the typical 4) and lasts just under an hour. In the game of Stick Curling, you are on one end of the sheet with your team mate on the other. In alternating ends, you take turns being the skip and calling the shots while your partner is throwing your 6 rocks. Take advantage of our casual approach where members coach and mentor players who are new to the game. It’s fun and a great way to learn the strategy of the game!

We offer stick leagues on Mondays and Wednesday during the regular season. Come out and give it a try!