Never curled or haven’t curled in many years? No problem!

Our trained coaches will take you under their wings and get you started. We also offer  our Adult Try Curling Program.   See contact  page for information and to book coaching sessions.


How much will it cost? The answer is “not much”! Curling is a very accessible and affordable sport. Please click on the link below and you will see that you can curl once a week or every day if you wish. the more you curl, the cheaper it gets!

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Stick Curling

Over half the curlers in our club’s regular leagues use the delivery stick instead of using the traditional sliding delivery.  We also offer Stick Leagues which are a variation on the regular game.

The game of Stick Curling is played with teams of 2 people instead of 4 and runs a little less than an hour.  The game is easy to play! You are on one end of the sheet with your team mate on the other. In alternating ends you take turns being the skip and calling the shots or throwing 6 rocks . It’s fun and a great way to learn the strategy of the game. Take advantage of our casual approach where members coach and mentor players who are new to the game.

We have Monday and Wednesday Leagues every week. If you like the idea of a game that is only half as long and has you throwing lots of granite, but you can’t curl in the daytime, you could also join the Tuesday Night Mixed Doubles. These leagues are really growing in popularity. Give it a try!

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