The Armstrong Curling Club is still open!

Under the Curl BC Temporary Measures: Jan 8th, 2021 we are allowed to schedule and participate in “one-on-one games” as well as allow practicing. Our cleaning protocols need to be in place and followed. Participants must wear masks and maintain a 3 metre distance and we should schedule in such a way as to avoid “gatherings”.

viaSport Guidelines and Protocol

These measures, as well as all guidelines from Curl BC are developed with input from viaSport which is the umbrella organization that oversees all amateur sport in British Columbia. viaSport works hand in hand with the Provincial Health Officer to ensure that the Provincial Health Officer’s orders are implemented in a way that allows some sport with a large dose of safety and compliance. We feel quite sure, that with our protocols and the cooperation of our members, that we can offer our members some sports activity in a safe environment.

Our Covid safety plans are up to date

We follow our cleaning protocols. We run our lounge in accordance with, or actually exceeding guidelines and we have discussed what we are doing with the city Parks and Rec liaison. If we are ordered to close, we will do so immediately. Until then we will continue to take advantage of the opportunity offered under these measures and give our members, especially our seniors a physical activity as well as social connection. To participate is an individual choice and no club member should feel any pressure to participate. Each member should make the decision to participate based on their own circumstances. The Covid 19 pandemic is causing all of us to re-evaluate our lives and priorities daily. What was acceptable last summer is not acceptable now and what is acceptable now may be not be acceptable one month from now. It is only with hindsight that we will truly know if we did the right thing.

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